PAF Air War College Institute

Leadership Message

Military organisations, being some of the most important tools of national security, remain cognizant to the rapidly evolving technologies and are constantly striving to keep their senior leadership’s education at par with contemporary needs. In contrast to the past, these needs are not solely confined to the military domain but also cover the entire spectrum which could have a strong bearing on national security and policy. Pakistan Air Force (PAF) stands as a beacon of excellence, forged through a history rich with professionalism and courage. At the heart of this legacy lies the Air War College Institute (AWCI), the highest seat of learning in PAF, where future military leaders are educated on advanced concepts of national and international security, innovative aerospace power employment, military strategy and strategic leadership.

AWCI’s mission encompasses the responsibility to uphold the soft image of Pakistan through intellectual pursuits and original approaches. Today, as a Degree Awarding Institute, AWCI stands as a testament to excellence following the legacy of PAF. It offers innovative curricula integrating critical thinking and strategic decision-making skills with a deeply ingrained ethos of jointness, reflecting a commitment to synergy and cooperation. This will equip the members not only with academic richness, but also with the professional capability required of leaders in today’s ever-evolving complex environment.