PAF Air War College Institute

To help members, faculty, and their families to get to know one another, the Institute organizes a number of recreational activities. These activities include picnics, visits to historical places, Country presentations, Sports competitions, National festivals, tombola nights and musical evenings. However, the most wonderful of all is the international gourmet, which allows all members to showcase their country and regions both culturally as well as culinarily.
The Air War College Institute Ladies' Club is an active and dynamic organization. While officers come to grips with the curriculum, their spouses remain occupied attending cooking, driving, interior decoration, and flower arrangement classes and workshops. Also, they have an interesting local area visits' program. At times, they join their husbands during the guest lecture programme. It is the policy of the Institute to encourage the consorts to help their husbands in their quest for excellence. Additionally, AWCI ladies club also undertakes social activities, including Charity programmes, fund raising for noble causes and conducting educational classes for the needy and people with special needs, thereby contributing to the society in there own capacity.

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